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Former Bachelor Sean Lowe Up Close and Personal.

Former Bachelor Sean Lowe reminds fans of the quote, “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned,” when recounting the most volatile rose ceremony he experienced during his season. In his book “For the Right Reasons” Lowe takes the reader through his journey before, during and after his stints on season eight of “The Bachelorette” and season 17 of “The Bachelor.”

Many moments stood out for the now happily married Bachelor Nation favorite. But one that really sticks in his mind is when he sent Bachelorette AshLee Frazier packing. As Lowe recounts in his memoir, he was “taken aback by her severity” in week nine, when he gave his last two roses to Lindsay Yenter and current wife Catherine Giudici, and not to Frazier.

Sean Was Not Excepting Such an Angry Response (WATCH below):

Sean Lowe and AshLee’s Dramatic Goodbye | The BachelorAfter a week of intimate overnight dates with his final three women in Is Kao Thailand, Sean sends one devastated woman, AshLee, home in tears. She is so upset that she will not talk to Sean. Sean can only sit in the rain, his head hung, as she takes a limo to the airport, leaving… 2020-06-16T22:36:28Z

Lowe explains in the book that he told Frazier, “‘I just didn’t feel like we shared that element of fun. It’s important I have that, and I just couldn’t find it with you.’ She turned around and tried to get in the van. Regrettably, she tried to get in on the same side where the camera guy was sitting. ‘No, you’ve got to get in on this side,’ I said, reaching for the door. That only infuriated her more. As she drove off into the sunset, her livid response chilled me to the bone. It also made me realize I’d made the right decision.”

Being down to the final three at this point, Lowe was used to the tension and tears that tend to accompany each rose ceremony. As he prepared to announce his decision after overnights, he went over the main bullet points in his head, as the producers had taught him to do. When the rose ceremony began, he rattled off the usual speech about how lucky he felt and how hard of a decision this was.

Lowe read the three women’s expressions rather accurately. As he explains in his book, “Catherine looked terrified, as she did in every rose ceremony, because she never felt confident. That night, I remember her face was trembling. Lindsay looked as though she was going to be sick. AshLee, on the other hand, was staring straight through me.

Did she know?”

AshLee, however, did not know. In fact, she was completely surprised, as she explained on “The Women Tell All” (WATCH below):

AshLee Confronts Sean Lowe Over Allegations | The Bachelor USAshLee puts Sean on the spot and asks why he allegedly said he had ‘absolutely no feelings’ for the other women. Who do you believe? ➤ Subscribe ➤ bit.ly/BacheIorNation #TheBachelor US Season 17 Episode: Women Tell All Bachelor: #SeanLowe 🎙 Check out our Bachelor Nation Podcasts! 👉 bit.ly/BHappyHour 👉 bit.ly/BClickBait 👉 bit.ly/BTalkingItOut 📺 Watch Tayshia’s… 2021-07-16T13:00:21Z

During TWTA, Sean reminded AshLee that he was in the same position when Emily Maynard sent him home on “The Bachelorette” in season eight. Frazier admitted that she was still very hurt and angry, particularly because Lowe never checked on her to see if she was okay. When he explained that he thought checking on her would have made things worse, Frazier retorted, “But Sean. You’re a gentleman. You’re supposed to be the man here.”

Where Are They Now?

Most “Bachelor” fans know that Sean and Catherine are still happily married, and are raising their three children in Texas.

Ashlee Frazier Williams is also enjoying marriage and motherhood. She and her husband, Aaron Williams, have two daughters. Navy Lee was born in 2018 and Everleigh Anne was welcomed into the world in 2020, according to People magazine.

Sean Lowe Admits Being ‘Chilled to the Bone’ by the ‘Livid’ Actions of a Bachelorette

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