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Dee Nguyen

Fans of “The Challenge” will remember the rollercoaster 35th season of the show that saw competitor Dee Nguyen get publicly fired by MTV halfway through the airing of the season. The Australian reality star made some offensive comments on social media about the Black Lives Matter movement in June 2020, prompting MTV to announce that it was severing ties with her. She was then edited out of the rest of the season.

Aneesa Ferreira recently addressed the way MTV handled the situation and said she was “on the fence” about how the network should proceed but that she has “issues” with what happened with Dee specifically. A couple of weeks ago, Chris “Swaggy C” Williams spoke about the situation as well and said he didn’t want Dee to have been banned for life.

Swaggy appeared on the Mike Lewis Podcast and shared, “[Dee] was saying this [joke] in the midst of everything going on with George Floyd and the protest, so it was really, really heightened.” He added:

I do think it was handled correctly [by MTV]. My only issue and Bayleigh [Dayton]’s only issue was, first of all, we didn’t want Dee to get banned at all. Nobody knows that. Second of all, if she did get banned, we did not want her to get banned for life.

The “Big Brother” alum said the network could have “banned her for [seasons] 36 and 37, and then [she’d] come back for 38.”

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Swaggy Expressed Regret at Some of His Comments Toward Dee

Swaggy C on The Challenge Total Madness experience, Dee, Bayleigh, Day Trading, and more! EP #148Chris “Swaggy C” Williams is my guest for episode 148. Swaggy walks me through his preparation of being a newly soon to be dad, why he abruptly retired from Reality TV at age 26, his experience on Total Madness, the Dee situation, day trading, and when he knew Bayleigh was the one for him, and… 2022-06-10T18:00:05Z

Swaggy also shared in his podcast appearance that he was “very, very upset” about Dee’s joke but does regret some of his comments to his “Total Madness” co-star in the aftermath. He recounted that he tweeted something like, “her mom doesn’t know that she’s on TV, and she tells her mom she’s a marketer, and she’s living a double life.”

Swaggy told Mike Lewis, “That stuff I’m not proud of, not happy about whatsoever. I do regret that type of stuff.” He added, “I really, really do wish that she only got suspended so that she could be on now because she was a great Challenger” and shared that during the season, Dee was his and Bayleigh’s closest friend outside of “Big Brother” alums and they genuinely cared about her wellbeing.

Swaggy Is Now Living in Puerto Rico & Expecting His 1st Child With Bayleigh

Since his time on “The Challenge,” Swaggy has been staying busy along with his wife, fellow “Challenge” and “Big Brother” alum Bayleigh. The two recently moved to Puerto Rico and announced that they are expecting their first child together, with Bayleigh due any day now.

Swaggy C shared on Instagram that they just moved to a “mansion on the island.” He shared that going to California was temporary but “Puerto Rico is not temporary. All my stuff, my family and everything is over here. Our child will be born here.” The couple also revealed that they are expecting a baby, a girl.

He added on Instagram, “We decided to name her Alora Leigh. Alora, I swear I’m going to be the best dad EVER! I’m going to spoil you, raise you right, and give you the childhood I never had. I can’t wait to see your face in a few weeks.”

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The Challenge Competitor Says Dee Nguyen Should Still Be on the Show

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