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“The Voice” alumni

Season 21 of NBC’sThe Voice” was the first to see Ariana Grande as a coach, meaning that it was also the first season artists were able to choose to be on Team Ariana.

One of those groups, father-son duo Jim and Sasha Allen, have now obtained a record deal, according to Sasha, who tweeted about the move.

The tweets have since been deleted, which makes it unclear if the artists actually have a deal. Fans on Reddit discussed the possible deal. However, further tweets do show that Jim and Sasha have been working in the recording studio, making it clear that the duo does plan to release music.

The duo was the last of Team Ariana to be eliminated during the season, and Grande did not have any artists in the season finale.

The Announcement Has Been Deleted

After the tweets started gaining attention, Sasha’s tweets were deleted.

“Season 21 The Voice contestant Sasha Allen announces record deal with Republic Records as solo artist and as duo with dad Jim Allen,” the original Reddit thread reads.

Some people think that Sasha could have a record deal because of his close connection with Ariana Grande.

“Sasha was pandering to Ari’s fanbase so DAMN hard during the voice,” one person wrote. “Republic is the same label as Ari, so Sasha is smart to network and secure a deal. That’s how you do it in any field.”

Others said that the way Sasha acted on the show was actually a negative for his career.

“The pandering had quite the reverse effect though,” one person wrote. “He was easily the most disliked member of her team because Arianators found out he was a big TSwift fan (his handle is even Speak NowSasha I think). And I think they thought he was kind of mediocre among her other team members like Holly, Raquelle or Bella.”

Fans Are Excited for New Music

Fans of the artists are excited about new music from Jim and Sasha Allen.

“Recording tmr,” Sasha tweeted on March 14, 2022. Fans replied with their excitement.

One person replied, “Ariana won’t get in the studio any time soon so I’m glad y’all understand the assignment.”

“TOO EXCITED,” another reply reads.

Earlier in March, Sasha revealed that he and his father were set to record an EP “this month,” and then he tweeted, “then comes solo project,” which made some fans think that he has two record deals: one independent and one with his father.

Sasha made history on “The Voice” by being the first openly transgender person to make it to the semifinals of the competition. In a January 3 appearance on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show,” he opened up about what it was like to come out to his family.

“I came out the summer before sophomore year and it was a really hard experience,” he said on the show. “But there’s not really a choice in the matter of coming out because…you can’t really live with that pain anymore, you just have to be yourself.”

He said that it was “scary” to be openly transgender on national television because millions of people were watching.

“You don’t know how the world is gonna react to you,” he said. “But I made the decision to share my story in this way because I was like ‘if I could just, you know, help one kid who’s in the position that I was in or help somebody to understand who knows nothing about trans people or has never met a trans person, it would all be worth it.”

“The Voice” has not yet been renewed for season 22. If the show is renewed, it likely would in mid-September.

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‘The Voice’ Season 21 Alum Says They Have Signed Record Deal

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