23 dead, dozens hurt as elevated metro collapses in Mexico 💥👩💥

An aerial view shows rescue workers at the site of the Mexico City metro accident

An elevated metro line collapsed in the Mexican capital on Monday, leaving at least 23 people dead and dozens injured as a train came plunging down, authorities said.

Carriages were seen hanging from the overpass in a tangle of twisted cables with the ends pointing towards the ground in a V-shape.

Around 65 others received hospital treatment following the dramatic accident, one of the worst to strike the Mexico City metro since it was inaugurated in 1969.

Efrain Juarez said that his son was in the wreckage.

Another man who did not give his name said that his brother was among those trapped.

– ‘Structure was shaking’ –

The work had to be suspended because of fears the wreckage was too unstable, but it later resumed with the help of a crane.

The police, who brought rescue dogs, urged onlookers to move back in case of falling debris.

“When the dust cleared we ran… to see if we could help. There were no screams. I don’t know if they were in shock,” she added.

The casualties were rushed to different hospitals in the city, Sheinbaum said.

“We will report the whole truth. Our support to all victims,” Sheinbaum tweeted.

One man, Jose Martinez, told reporters that he had a miraculous escape because he was unable to leave work in time to catch the ill-fated train.

The Mexico City subway has 12 lines and carries millions of passengers each day.

Writing on Twitter, Ebrard offered his cooperation with the investigation to establish the causes and responsibility for what he called a “terrible tragedy.”

“By that simple fact we know that the construction is bad,” he said.

Monday’s incident comes just over a year after two subway trains collided in Mexico City, leaving one dead and around 40 injured as panicked passengers escaped through dense smoke.

The latest accident comes at a time when Mexico is struggling to cope with the coronavirus pandemic, which has left more than 217,000 people dead in the country — one of the world’s highest tolls.

23 dead, dozens hurt as elevated metro collapses in Mexico

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