Angry driver slams Tesla ‘selfish’ parking in Woolies carpark 💥👩💥

A driver of a “fancy” car has had their parking skills slammed after leaving the expensive vehicle parked across two spots.

The Tesla Model 3, which costs as much as $100,000, was parked across two bays in the Bondi Beach Woolworths car park – leaving one shopper particularly irate.

In what appears to be a moment of frustration, the angry customer scrawled the Tesla driver a note, blasting them “inconsiderate”.

Placed under one of the car’s windscreen wipers, the note read: “Did your fancy car park itself like this, or are you just an inconsiderate c**t?”

But while we all know the feeling of getting angry at another person’s poor driving decisions, not everyone commended the hot-headed note when it was shared in the Bondi Local Loop Facebook group.

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“Parking 20cm over a marked line gets you a called a c**t these days in Bondi. The tension is real,” one said.

“Seriously who cares … People are starving and all you care about is white lines,” one frustrated user said.

“Maybe it was an accident?” another reasoned.

“It’s not like the carpark was full,” someone else pointed out.

However others called out the driver’s decision, taking side with the note writer by calling it “rude” and “selfish”.

“Should get a ticket for this,” one raged.

“Why is it that every fancy car I see is driven by someone who absolutely cannot drive (or park)? It’s literally like they got their licence out of a Cornflakes packet,” someone else stated.

“That’s how a**holes park, so that no one else can park next to their precious car,” one woman wrote.

A few really disgruntled social media users suggested someone “should have keyed it”, a criminal offence many warned against, pointing out Tesla vehicles have built-in cameras.

Some reasoned the owner probably parked like that so “as not to get door dings”.

Since the photos were shared in the Facebook group on Sunday evening it has attracted more than 400 likes and 150 comments – but the owner of the car has not come forward.

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Angry driver slams Tesla ‘selfish’ parking in Woolies carpark

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