Incredible ‘alien-like’ weather event in Australia 💥👩💥

It could be the start of an apocalyptic movie … or it could be Port Macquarie having a freak storm pass through.

NSW coastal towns were treated to an incredible weather event this afternoon when multiple water spouts formed offshore.

Social media platforms have been flooded with amazing photos and videos of the phenomenon this afternoon, which could be seen in Taree, Harrington and Old Bar.

“Harrington on the Mid North Coast got one impressive show this afternoon as multiple waterspouts formed along the coast,” the NSW Incident Reports Facebook page posted.

“A line of storms have formed along lower parts of the Mid North Coast with multiple waterspouts forming off the coast.”

Locals said it “looked like the start of an alien invasion”.

One person joked: “Hope they don‘t hit land, they will have to quarantine for 14 days”.

There were at least five water spouts seen at one point.

A hail event followed and more water spouts were predicted from the Bureau of Meteorology but the storm proved short and intense.

According to the bureau’s storm spotter’s handbook, water spouts can seen near the coast in the late summer and autumn.

“Cool, unstable air masses passing over the warmer waters allow vigorous up draughts to form, which can tighten up into a spinning column,” it says.

“The cool, moist air usually supports a full condensation funnel.

“Water spouts can be dangerous for boaters and shoreline locations but are no threat farther inland since they collapse soon after they move onshore.”

Incredible ‘alien-like’ weather event in Australia

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