‘It’s you!’: MasterChef star claps back at Jock 💥👩💥

MasterChef fans are often commenting on how frustrating it must be having the judges loiter around the benchtops during pressure tests.

Even more so when they offer up unhelpful advice to the already-stressed contestants.

For contestant Conor during Monday’s intense cook, he’d had just about enough of Jock Zonfrillo’s observations.

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The contestants were tasked with splitting up into teams and delegating an element to each group member, presenting three choices to the judges to choose from. First up was a mayonnaise, followed by fish, steak, pasta, curry and dessert.

Conor – a member of the purple team – chose to tackle the medium rare steak with sauce and a puree in 30 minutes.

Plating up his dish with noticeably shaky hands, Jock exclaimed: “Look at that shake!” prompting fellow MasterChef judge Andy Allen to ask if he was OK.

“It’s you! Every time you make me so nervous Jock,” Conor responded rather curtly.

Attempting to quell his nerves, Melissa Leong told him: “It’s OK,” as the judges stepped forward to taste.

Unfortunately for Conor, his steak was overdone, and the green team won the point.

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Jock’s been a playful presence in the MasterChef kitchen this year, cheekily teasing a contestant earlier this season while cutting into his chicken.

After a cook which saw contestant Justin in anguish over whether his chicken was cooked through, the three judges decided to toy with his emotions with a tense tasting session in which they almost had him convinced the meat was raw.

Dramatically cutting into the bird with a look of disappointment, while Andy and Melissa shot looks of pity, the chef said: “You wanna come and have a look at what you did … or didn’t do?”

As Justin gingerly approached the bench, the show went to an ad break.

Returning to the tasting, Jock continued. “What you didn’t do … is over or undercook it, it’s bloody perfect!” he exclaimed to an anxious-looking Justin, who jokingly dropped to the floor in relief.

MasterChef Australia continues tomorrow night at 7.30pm on Channel 10

‘It’s you!’: MasterChef star claps back at Jock

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