Lincoln manager Michael Appleton reveals testicular cancer diagnosis πŸ’₯πŸ‘©πŸ’₯

The Lincoln City manager Michael Appleton has revealed he has been diagnosed with testicular cancer.

The 45-year-old, who has had managerial spells at West Brom, Portsmouth, Blackpool, Blackburn and Leicester City, is to undergo surgery and will take a leave of absence.

In an open letter to Lincoln supporters, Appleton said: β€œAlthough things are going well on and off the pitch at the club, I do have some news to share with you which means you’ll see and hear a bit less from me over the next couple of weeks.

β€œA few weeks ago I was diagnosed with testicular cancer and will have the tumour removed this week. There are some quite scary words in that sentence, but this is quite a routine operation and the indications are that I should be back up and on my feet in no time.

β€œI do need to take a bit of a break, though, and after the surgery will be taking a couple of weeks to recover. This means I won’t be in the dugout for some of our pre-season games, but will be liaising closely with the coaching team as we continue preparations for the campaign.

β€œI’m not the sort of person who goes into much detail about these things, but I wanted to make sure you were all aware so you knew why I have to sit out a few games. There’s loads of advice out there about the early signs of cancer and what to look out for – if you have a lump or any other change please do get it checked out by a GP.”

Lincoln manager Michael Appleton reveals testicular cancer diagnosis

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