The Van Tulleken brothers chew the fat on obesity – podcasts of the week 💥👩💥

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A Thorough Examination With Drs Chris and Xand
The Van Tulleken brothers’ new podcast investigates why Xand is obese and Chris isn’t, despite the fact the TV doctors are identical twins. It’s a situation that came to a head after they both caught Covid, and Xand developed a heart condition. They start by looking back on their childhood meals, before exploring the effects of Xand’s stressful year living in America. There’s much myth-busting, with the overriding message that obesity is not a simple issue to understand and tackle. Hannah Verdier

One Year
This new podcast from the team behind Slate’s Slow Burn sees host Josh Levin home in on the events of 1977, a year when “gay rights hung in the balance, Roots dominated the airwaves, and Jesus appeared on a tortilla”. Its first episode tells the story of Anita Bryant, a singer turned anti-gay rights campaigner, and the moral panic she helped to incite in Florida in the late 70s. The words of her adversaries, like Bob Kunst, make for fascinating listening, but there is one particularly powerful interview which Levin saves right until the end. Hannah J Davies

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Koko the gorilla and her lifelong teacher and friend Dr Penny Patterson. Photograph: STR/AFP/Getty Images

Chosen by Ella Mumby

What if being told that you were wrong about something wasn’t a bad thing, but rather an opportunity to revisit all the things you thought you knew? That’s exactly what the podcast You’re Wrong About does, offering a look back at the past, minus the rose-tinted glasses.

Each week, hosts Michael Hobbes and Sarah Marshall explore a different topic, covering everything from the Satanic Panic to the story of KoKo The Gorilla and my recent favourite, cancel culture. As journalists, Michael and Sarah are thorough without getting stuck in the minutia, while as podcasters they are warm and engaging, both with each other and their audience.

Listening to You’re Wrong About is like sitting in on a conversation with your smartest friends. You might not get everything, but you’ll definitely learn a lot.

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The Van Tulleken brothers chew the fat on obesity – podcasts of the week

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